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All Children Have the Right to Be Taught in a Way They Can Learn, Call us Today to speak with a special education advocate consultant on the south shore, metrowest and Boston areas.

Maureen Brown, M.S.

Special Education Advocate Maureen Brown, M.S. is trained and dedicated to ensuring that children with special needs receive a free and appropriate public education. Maureen has extensive training and experience in reading and analyzing educational plans and interpreting testing data.

Why Advocacy For Special Kids

We have Creative Approaches, and Better Solutions. We give Focused, and Personal Attention . We are trained and experienced advocates who want to work with you to obtain the supports and services unique to your child that will afford them the opportunity to make effective progress. Our goal is to help support you to build a team around your child guide and support you throughout your journey.

Speaking & Workshop

  • Turning 3
  • Basic Rights and What that means for your child?
  • What is an IEP?
  • How to build effective working relationships with your child’s TEAM

Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule your 30 minute phone consultation or one-hour office consultation using the online scheduler.


Ask Anything


One-to-one consultation with parents/caregivers on child’s current performance, review history and discuss vision for future

Review and Examine Records

Review and examine records, evaluations, assessments, developmental history, current and past education plans, report cards and progress reports

Recommend Appropriate

Recommend appropriate services and schools that will meet child’s unique profile

About Advocacy for Special Kids

Advocacy for Special Kids, LLC is an Educational Consulting Firm, specializing in special education. Our mission is to give our clients experienced, effective advocacy, which in turn gives our clients to a Free Appropriate Pubic Education. That involves more than a chips education plan, it requires personal attention, focused on the client and the needs of their child. If you are in need of a Special Education Consultant or Special Education Advocate on the south shore we are here for your family.

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