About Us

What Special Education Consultant / Advocates Do

Advocacy for Special Kids, LLC is an Educational Consulting Firm, specializing in providing Special Education Consultant Advocates. Our mission is to give our clients experienced Special Education Consultant / Advocates, that provide effective advocacy to enable our clients to receive a Free Appropriate Pubic Education. That involves more than a chips education plan, it requires personal attention, focused on the parent and the needs of their child. The direction and leadership of Advocacy for Special Kids is provided by Maureen Brown, M.S Maureen has over 15 years focused on special education and advocacy. We carefully strategize with parents/caregivers to develop goals based on their child’s unique educational profile. Our creative approach, personal attention and experience guide parents / caregivers to make the appropriate choices for their child. Our collaborative approach will build a team around the child and create a foundation for success.

What is a Parent Special Education Consultant / Advocate

Special Education Consultant / Advocate help you build productive dialogue and a strong collaborative relationship with your child’s Special Educational Team and school district. We will provide you with the advice, creative approaches, personal attention and tools you will need to help your child succeed. Parent Advocates will help you become a more effective Special Education advocate for your child. A Special Education Advocate is NOT A licensed, practicing attorney.***

For More Information in regards to The Difference Between Special Education Advocates and Attorneys visit this link

Maureen Brown, M.S

Special Education Advocate Maureen Brown, M.S. is trained and dedicated to ensuring that children with special needs receive a free and appropriate public education. Maureen has extensive training and experience in reading and analyzing educational plans and interpreting testing data. For over ten years Maureen has successfully advocated on behalf of hundreds of families throughout Eastern Massachusetts; she has the expertise and success in handling the most challenging and complex of cases. She has working partnerships with the most experienced and knowledgeable special education attorneys throughout the state of Massachusetts and can provide referrals from her network of attorneys when and if needed.

  • University of Massachusetts B.A. Psychology
  • University of Massachusetts M.S. Human Services
Work Experience
  • Owner of Advocacy for Special Kids
  • EnCompass Education, Trainer/ Educational Consultant
  • Trainer Federation for Children with Special Needs
Professional Memberships
  • Council of Parent Attorney’s and Advocates
  • Special Needs Advocacy Network
  • South Shore Small Business Network
  • Professional Organization for Woman
Continued Ed Courses
  • Critical New Developments in Special Education (Suffolk University Law)
  • Fundamentals of Spec. Education Advocacy (Suffolk University Law)
  • Applied Behavior Analysis II (Endicott College)
  • Wrightslaw Bootcamps
  • 12th Annula School Law Conference (May 2012 M.C.L.E Boston)
  • Certificate in Advanced Training in Collaborative and Proactive Solutions for Kids with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Challenges, Ross Green July 2016

Why Advocacy For Special Kids/ Testimonials

We have Creative Approaches, and Better Solutions. We give Focused, and Personal Attention . We are trained and experienced advocates who want to work with you to obtain the supports and services unique to your child that will afford them the opportunity to make effective progress. Our goal is to help support you to build a team around your child guide and support you throughout your journey.

  • “I have worked with Maureen and I have found her to be a very knowledgeable, caring and competent special education advocate. She has both the professionalism and expertise needed to successfully negotiate with school systems to secure the most appropriate and beneficial services for special education students. I highly recommend her as a special education advocate.”
  • “Maureen makes it happen… throw her any challenge in special Ed and she’ll provide the solution. I have enjoyed collaborating with Maureen at different capacities and have seen a consistency in her passion, her energy and her diligence… not to mention her refreshing sense of humor. I look forward to our continued work together.”
    Adam Goldberg
    M.Ed Education Founder & CEO
  • “Maureen came recommended to us through the Center who evaluated my child with Autism. After countless disappointments by the school system in providing my son the services he required, Maureen was able to make it happen. I cannot express my gratitude to her for the amazing work she did for my family and my son. Her depth of knowledge, understanding and strong passion for what she does is beyond words. She is personable and kind. My son is now receiving the services he required and we were not able to get without her. Maureen is an asset to any family who has a child with special needs. It is more than a pleasure for me to recommend her to anyone. My son is in a much better place as a result of her hard work.”
    Plainville Parent