Our Services

  • One-to-one consultation with parents/caregivers on child’s current performance, review history and discuss vision for future
  • Review and examine records, evaluations, assessments, developmental history, current and past education plans, report cards and progress reports
  • Design the right path to best serve the child’s unique needs
  • Prescribe a step-by-step action plan
  • Build an education team around the unique needs of the child
  • Represent clients vision at meetings
  • Draft effective letters for school and other agencies
  • Match the needs of the child to programs, providers and schools
  • Identify appropriate placements
  • Assist, inform, empower and educate parents/caregivers
  • Recommend appropriate services that will meet child’s unique profile
  • Monitor progress and modify programs as needed
  • Trainings and workshops available upon request

Design the right path to best serve your child’s needs

  • IEP Consult and Written Feedback
  • A step-by-step action plan 90 minutes
  • School Correspondence
  • Effective letters to school personnel
  • One Hour Consultation
  • Review current performance and set measurable goals
  • Binder Review and Summary
  • Highlights history, performance, strengths and weaknesses, vision and concerns
  • Placement Consultation
  • Review current profile and make recommendations on placement options
*Prices available upon request and are based on the complexity of the case.